What is Digital Supervision?

Digital Supervision provides a proactive approach to avoidance of victimization, human trafficking, violent acts to public safety, cyber bullying, and many other negative behaviours associated with the Internet.  An Internet Sense First presentation is key to avoidance of victimization of your child and family.

Do we REALLY know what our children are doing on computers, iPads, gaming devices, cell phones?  The COVID 19 pandemic is causing our children to be on digital devices even more.   Experience our workshop to learn more about Digital Supervision.  Workshop participants are experts in their fields.  Please read all material to fully understand Digital Supervision parenting.

The author of Digital Supervision, Charlene Doak-Gebauer, advises that a Digital Supervision Family Contract be created with children to establish rules surrounding digital device use.  When children are involved in the decision, cooperation is more probable.  The document provided in the link above is a template for families.  Adults are strongly advised to learn and understand Digital Supervision prior to engaging in the development of the contract to ensure full understanding and magnitude of the necessity.  


“Our children are being given too much ownership for their safety online.”

-Charlene Doak-Gebauer

Three components of digital supervision

Digital Supervision is comprised of three parts


 of the many insidious dark areas of the Internet.


How can adults supervise digital device activity?


We CAN and WILL supervise digital device use.

Our children online gaming, chatting, on social media…

Who is chatting with our children? Do you know? Do they know?

The cell phone… the greatest challenge for our children and parenting.

Do you review the cell phone activity of your children? Sexting, Texting, Pictures..


Sexting effects Depression, Self Injury, Suicide, Shame, Embarrassment, Humiliation, Anxiety, Social Stigma, Social Isolation


Nudes are common among children and youth. Are you aware of the legal implications? Digital Supervision is so NECESSARY.

Too Many Addictions

Gaming, tablets, cell phones, pornography… Addictions can involve children as young as six years old. AND parents rarely know.

Who is in social media?




violent offenders



Theory of Digital Supervision: We need to add Digital Supervision to our parenting skills. Our children need our Digital Supervision, beginning at a young age.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are”

- Benjamin Franklin

The Challenge?

Will you wait until you are affected or be proactive?

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