We are a registered, federal Canadian charity.

We are a passionate group of volunteers, advisors, and speakers.

Our goals are:
1. to protect children against Internet child exploitation by educating the public in a proactive approach against predators; and,
2. to support victims of Internet child exploitation through funding for much-needed therapy.

Charitable registration number: #804151439RR0001.

Our Approved Objectives

To advance education by providing courses, workshops, and seminars to children, youth, and adults, on topics related to recognizing and preventing child pornography.

To provide counselling and treatment programs to children and adults who have been victims of child pornography.

To do all such things are incidental or ancillary to the attainment of the above purposes.

To expand our education model by providing courses, workshops, and seminars to children, youth and adults, as it is related to recognizing and detecting violent threats to public safety (radicalization).

our vision

Helping victims of Internet child exploitation;
Being proactive against Internet predators.

Meet the founder and chair

Charlene Doak-Gebauer

I am the Founder and Chair of this Registered Canadian Charity.
Our presentations are based on my Theory of Digital Supervision. Listen to the video to learn more about proactive online child protection. A portion of the proceeds of this book goes toward therapy for victims of online child exploitation. I wrote the book to support the charity and our objectives.


My family has been victimized by this crime twice. One family member was used for child pornography at the age of four, by neighbours. It was at a time when this type of heinous crime was unheard of in the global picture. The victimized family member was haunted by the experience her entire life.

As a network administrator, colleagues and I had to deal with many difficult issues, including questionable activity on computers. After dealing with these various situations, after the experience of our family with such a young member, after the tragic death of the same family member, I decided to embark on creating this very needed organization; so that other families might avoid such horrific experiences. Two family members victimized by child pornography; two separate experiences; two separate cities; too many times.

Our mandate is clear – helping victims of Internet child exploitation; helping to avoid further victimization by training children, parents, professional allies, and the like through educational sessions about my Theory of Digital Supervision; helping to avoid the suicides of so many victims – So that victims might be saved.
In memory of my dear family member, and for the sake of other victims… please support this very worthwhile charity.  Thank you.

Very sincerely,

Charlene Doak-Gebauer,

Founder and Chair

Board of directors

The Internet Sense First Board of Directors is well represented. Our compassion and desire to protect children is unquestioned. 

Educator/Computer Specialist/Network Administrator
Financial Planner
Financial Advisors
Certified Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant
Consultant – Lawyer
Consultant – Police Officer
Consultant – Schools and Education
Consultant – Insurance
Consultant – French Language
Consultant – Diversity – Race Relations and Religion
Consultant – Ethnic and Cultural Diversity/Immigration
Consultant – Computers and Youth
Consultant – Media Relations
Consultant – Diversity, Dual Citizenship, Immigration
Consultant – Indigenous Population
Consultant – Registered Psychotherapist
Consultant – LGBTQ Community
Consultant – Multimedia – GTA

We are a very committed, professional group with goals to protect our children; to provide therapy for victims of Internet child exploitation; to be proactive to educate Canadians about Internet protection.



We are constantly working towards providing money to fund therapy for child pornography victims and for our education sessions. We hope you will realize the magnitude of the crisis for our children online and help us fulfill our vision. Last year, we were able to fund $3,200 for therapy for victims. There are so many needing support, and the numbers are growing exponentially.

We support victims of child pornography two times per year. Please apply by completing this form  

Please consider supporting our progressive vision for children and families


We present globally and have four different presentations related to online child and family protection, based on ages and family. All presentations are reviewed by our Consultant Registered Psychotherapist (also a qualified educator), for content related to an education setting, ages of the audience, and family content. We also present to corporations related to the “spill-over” effect of stress from home affecting work performance. Stress at home? Parents worried about their children on digital devices while they are at work.

We practice total diversity. We protect all children. Our presentations are given to any organization, religion, race, ethnic origin.