"Vulnerable Innocence"
The Internet: Are Children In Charge?

We are pleased the documentary "Vulnerable Innocence" has been selected for different Film Festivals. To date, the film has been awarded

Award of Recognition - Contemporary Issues/Awareness Raising (IndieFest California) 

 Award of Recognition: Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery (Accolade Film Festival California)

Best Canadian Documentary (Toronto Film Festival Cift)

Best Documentary Feature (Calgary Independent Film Festival)
Best Educational Feature (Las Vegas Independent Film Festival)

Best Educational Feature, (The Independent Awards, Liverpool England)

Best Female Director (DMOFF)

Best Film Poster, (Hollywood Golden Age Film Festival)

Best International Documentary (Hollywood Golden Age Film Festival)

Best International Documentary, (Austin International Art Festival, Austin, Texas)

Best Trailer (Redwood Film Festival)

Best Women Film (Redwood Film Festival)

Silver Award Feature Documentary (Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Award)

The Producer/Director of the film, and Chair of Internet Sense First, Charlene Doak-Gebauer, is making arrangements for broadcast of the documentary, scheduled soon. She is committed to educating families and children in the proactive online protection of children, and in supporting victims of Internet child exploitation. Be waiting for an announcement for availability through broadcast!!
View the award-winning trailer to the documentary:

Special thanks to:
*N2Communications for their excellent support for our summit and for this documentary.
*ClubHub, London, Canada for the excellent award-winning design of our film poster, which they graciously donated.
*Kim Saltarski for joining our journey in making this documentary. His volunteer hours for consultation have been invaluable. Another volunteer who believes in the global online protection of children.

Gratitude to: RolCof, Artist, Singer, Songwriter for his advisement; Alberto March Tobella, international award-winning graphic designer. These gentlemen live in Spain. They, along with 30 volunteers worldwide, emphasize we can work without borders and beyond oceans to help protect our precious children globally